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Disability Lawyer in Illinois

Disability Lawyer in Illinois

The inability to work can damage your financial and emotional health. Mounting medical bills compound the stress of your everyday expenses. Disability benefits from a temporary disability insurance policy, or Social Security disability can alleviate much of this stress.

Every employee in the United States is required to contribute 6.2% of their paycheck to the Disability Insurance Trust Fund, while self-employed people contribute 12.4% of their income. This fund pays Social Security Disability Insurance claims if you qualify for Social Security. Recipients of benefits must have contributed to the fund.

The number of disability claims has been steadily declining since 2010. Still, in December 2020, the state of Illinois reported that 260,426 disabled workers received Social Security disability benefits.

If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, contact Nessler & Associates for a free consultation. Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney increases your chances of a favorable decision on your initial claim or appeal.


How Do I Know if I Qualify?

To receive disability payments, you must meet the disability eligibility requirements set by the Social Security Administration under the Social Security Disability Law. The Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, sometimes referred to as the Social Security Blue Book, explains the agency’s process to determine eligibility for disability benefits, including each covered medical condition.

For short-term disability payments, you must have coverage under a temporary disability policy.

Social Security covers long-term disability or a disability that lasts more than a year.

Our experienced attorneys can advise you on the best way to proceed by examining your medical records for qualifying conditions, including your medical history. A claim of disability that meets federal requirements must include a physical or mental disability that makes working in a job you can perform impossible.

The SSA provides benefits to people who have earned enough work credits. These credits accumulate based on your annual income, and you can earn up to 4 per year. Most people must have 40 credits, with 20 made in the last 10 years. Younger workers might qualify with fewer credits.

To qualify for VA disability benefits, you must show that your service contributed to your situation. You may be ineligible for benefits if you receive bad conduct or dishonorable discharge.

The disability lawyers at Nessler & Associates can provide legal advice and help you determine your disability eligibility and file for VA or Social Security benefits. We can help you appeal the decision to a federal administrative law judge if the agency denies your claim. We have experience handling all stages of disability applications.

How Can a Disability Lawyer Help Me?

The legal assistance of a disability attorney with Nessler & Associates can help you get your initial application approved or increase your chances of winning a disability hearing. We have extensive experience with the disability benefits application process and understand the financial and emotional harm unnecessary delays can cause.

A social security disability lawyer understands that the denial of individual claims is a frequent occurrence. In 2021, more than 1.8 million people applied for benefits, but only 571,952 received them. Qualified legal counsel can guide you through this complicated process and significantly increase your chances of a successful claim.

A personal injury law firm can represent your interests in many disability-related legal matters, including administrative hearings. These hearings allow you to appeal unfavorable decisions from the Illinois Department of Human Services Disability Determination Services, the agency responsible for approving or denying claims.

You can hire a lawyer at any time in the process—your chances of winning increase dramatically if you have representation before you file your initial claim. By law, you will not pay more than the lesser of $6,000 or 25% of SSDI back pay.


Discuss Your Case with an Attorney from Nessler & Associates

The law office of Nessler & Associates has decades of experience practicing personal injury and disability law. Disabled clients deserve prompt access to benefits for disability caused by workplace accidents, auto accidents, illness, medical malpractice, and personal injuries. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the claims process.

We believe open communication is the cornerstone of a good attorney-client relationship and that everyone deserves quality legal representation, so we work on a contingency fee basis. This fee structure means you only pay if we win.

If you want to get the most out of Social Security Disability Claims, call the disability legal team at Nessler & Associates at (800) 727-8010 for a case evaluation. Learn how we can assist you with your claim.

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