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When you or a loved one experience a personal injury to your body, mind, or identity, a skilled attorney with Nessler & Associates can help. We have experience in multiple areas of law regarding abuse of power, sexual abuse, and personal data violations. Our services help victims of negligence, intentional harm, and reckless action fight for fair compensation for the harm they’ve suffered.

If you or a family member has experienced childhood sexual abuse, clergy sexual abuse, a biometric data breach, nursing home abuse, or sexual harassment, the dedicated staff at Nessler & Associates will for your right to maximum financial compensation. We can help you hold the perpetrators accountable so you can move forward with your life.

Child Sexual Abuse and Assault

According to the CDC, about 1 in 13 boys and 1 in 4 girls experience sexual abuse before they turn 18. More than 90% of the time, the offenders are people the child or the family knows and trusts. Offenders include family members, daycare workers, coaches, teachers, clergy, and youth organization volunteers.

Some state laws gives survivors of childhood sexual abuse 20 years from the time they turn 18 to file a lawsuit. Other states have shorter time frames.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse face long-term consequences, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and an inability to form healthy relationships. Getting compensation can help you access services that treat these conditions and hold the perpetrator responsible for the harm they caused.

Clergy Abuse

People trust their religious leaders. Sometimes, those leaders break that trust by abusing vulnerable people. This abuse causes long-term psychological and spiritual harm to the survivors.

Nessler & Associates has been representing clergy abuse victims for over 20 years. We are one of the premier law firms in the U.S. that represent victims of sexual abuse perpetrated in all institutions and denominations. Criminal law governs penalties like jail sentences, while civil law allows victims to get compensated for their physical and mental injuries.

The clergy abuse lawyers with Nessler & Associates represent survivors across the United States. We use our experience to hold clergy, church employees, and volunteers responsible for their actions. We also hold religious institutions accountable when they protect abusers.

Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act Violations

Illinois passed the Biometric Information Privacy Act in 2008 with the help of the ACLU. This corporate law requires companies to inform you before they collect your biometric information. They must tell you what information they will collect and how they will gather, use, and store your biometric data.

Companies use biometric information, such as fingerprints and iris scans, to restrict access to physical or virtual company assets. For example, a real estate agent might use fingerprints to unlock a house to show to a client. Customers who use apps can use biometric data to verify their identity.

The law prevents the company from profiting off your biometric data. It also prohibits the company from sharing your data with other companies or government agencies without your authorization or court order.

Because you cannot change your biometric information, companies who allow data breaches should compensate you for the increased risk of identity theft.


Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home and assisted living facility residents sometimes experience abuse from those charged with taking care of their physical and emotional needs. This abuse might include physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and financial harm. A 2020 meta-analysis found that abuse occurred at a prevalence of 64.2% in long-term care settings and that nearly 91% of staff had witnessed inadequate care for elderly patients.

New residents, those who do not have frequent visitors, and those who have experienced domestic abuse are at greater risk for nursing home abuse by negligent staff, administrators, and physicians at nursing home facilities.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse consists of hitting, slapping, punching, pushing, or allowing residents to fall. It also includes withholding medication or using chemical or physical restraints on a resident for any reason other than the resident’s safety.

Mental and Emotional Abuse

Mental and emotional abuse includes yelling, insulting, gossiping, lying, name-calling, and psychologically torturing residents. It can consist of not allowing the resident to have personal possessions, which is a legally-protected right. This abuse can devastate the resident’s mental health and lead to a decline in cognitive function and psychological harm.


Neglect can involve self-neglect or staff negligence. Self-neglect occurs when the resident no longer performs hygiene activities. Neglect from staff might present as bedsores, lack of hygiene for patients who cannot move around independently, and obvious medical conditions not addressed with appropriate treatments or promptly. Self-neglect can be a symptom of another form of abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in the nursing home or assisted living setting includes sexual assault, any unwanted sexual contact, unwanted sexual talk, and sexual activity with a person who cannot consent. It also includes forced nudity and taking explicit photographs of unwilling people.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse occurs when nursing home employees steal personal items, cash, credit cards, or checks. Sometimes employees overhear how much money a resident has when discussing estate planning.

Other types of financial misconduct include the nursing home taking charge of a resident’s finances without their consent or charging the resident personally while also billing Medicaid.

State and federal health laws govern the running of long-term care facilities. These laws provide standards that facilities must meet. However, too many facilities do not meet these standards and do not face any punishment for the harm they cause.

Workplace sexual harassment is another underreported problem.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Suffering unwanted sexual advances, conversation, or touching affects your mental and physical health. Often, making a complaint with human resources does not resolve the problem. State and federal employment laws make companies responsible for not providing a safe work environment.

Sexual harassment at work comes in two main types: quid pro quo (explicit or overt harassment) and a hostile work environment. In a quid pro quo case, someone in power asks for sexual favors as a condition of keeping your job or avoiding punishment. A hostile work environment occurs when your coworkers make offensive sexual remarks or remarks about your sex.

Sexual harassment is an underreported problem. Whether the offender is a coworker or the company owner, you do not have to accept it. If reporting the issue to human resources does not stop the behavior, or if you find yourself the victim of retaliation, talk to a sexual harassment lawyer.

Our experience in multiple fields of law, including workplace injuries, can help us represent you in a workplace harassment suit and gain compensation from your abusive employer.

Nessler & Associates Helps Victims of Negligence and Misconduct

The law firm of Nessler & Associates helps people who suffer physical, mental, and financial injuries due to negligence and misconduct. We help survivors hold organizations, staff, and other parties responsible for abusive and negligent actions and receive the compensation they need to heal.

Speak with one of our attorneys during an initial consultation to understand what to expect when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Fill out our online contact form or call us at (800) 727-8010 to schedule a free, confidential case review.

We work on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay if we win. This fee ensures you can access civil justice regardless of your current financial position.

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$3.5Million Awarded

in this medical negligence/ educational negligence action involving a 76 year-old victim of medical malpractice. The victim suffered severe a neurological and neuro-systemic injury after the radiologist implemented an incorrect contrast medium during myelogram.

$2.1Million Awarded

in a case where a bicyclist was struck by a state vehicle. The driver of the state vehicle had negligently taken his eyes off of the roadway to retrieve an object from the vehicle’s floor.

"A few years ago a drunk driver hit me so hard it flipped the car and broke my elbow. So I called the lawyers here and they got me the money I needed to get the surgery I needed to save my arm. Faster than thought was possible. I may not be able to move it today without their help."

- Matt

"Nessler & Associates are fair, honest and excellent at what they do to help people. I highly recommend them."

- Walt

$1.7Million Awarded

in a product liability case which involved a defectively designed seat belt in a vehicle. The victim suffered partial paralysis.

$1Million Awarded

in a slip and fall on ice outside a restaurant in Springfield, Illinois. The ice accumulated by reason of negligently routing water from a downspout.

$15 Million Collected

in a catastrophic injury case involving a 13 year-old plaintiff who suffered permanent brain injury in a rollover crash. There were negligent acts alleged of several Defendants.

$1.1 Million Awarded

in a case stemming from the death of a minor who fell into a mobile home park’s sewage treatment lagoon. An offer of $50,000 was made prior to trial.

$3.5 Million Awarded

in a medical negligence case due to the failure to appropriately diagnose stroke symptoms, resulting in severe and permanent disability.

$3.1 Million Awarded

in aggregate, to childhood victims of sexual abuse by a member of the Clergy.

$3.5 Million Awarded

in aggregate, to victims of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

$1 Million Awarded

to minor victims of sexual abuse by a daycare worker. The daycare was charged with negligent hiring and retention of an employee.

$1.65 Million Awarded

in a medical negligence case due to a birth trauma, to a baby in delivery, resulting in significant cerebral palsy.


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