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Being a workplace sexual harassment victim can be a difficult situation. Your employment status, livelihood, and ability to take care of your family are put at risk by a coworker’s inappropriate behavior. If you experience unwelcome conduct at work, ignoring it or trying to reason with the aggressor may not be enough.

Sometimes, going through human resources may fail to resolve the issue if the one engaging in the offensive conduct is a high-level executive.

Take legal action by contacting the sexual harassment attorneys at Nessler & Associates. A sexual harassment lawsuit may be the proper course of action to hold the responsible party accountable and recover financial compensation to ensure your economic stability.

What is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Workplace sexual harassment is when an employee falls victim to unwanted sexual advances in their work environment. The term encompasses a variety of actions and behaviors that make victims feel unsafe and uncomfortable with inappropriate sexual conduct directed at them.

More than two-thirds of sexual assault cases go unreported. Numbers are likely much higher for sexual harassment as many victims attempt to cope without reporting their case for fear of retaliation and losing their job.

Types of Workplace Sexual Harassment

The behaviors that constitute sexual harassment in the workplace fall into two categories. The first usually involves a direct interaction between an aggressor and a victim, whereas the second may involve the workplace culture.

Quid pro quo harassment

In Latin, the phrase “quid pro quo” means “this for that” and describes an exchange between two parties. Quid pro quo harassment is a type of workplace sexual harassment where the victim’s promotion, compensation, or even keeping their job depends on fulfilling a supervisor’s sexual demands.

Quid pro quo harassment can be overt, where you are told you will not be receiving your due promotion if you do not give in to a sexual advance, or it may be subtle. In the latter case, the supervisor can imply a connection between promotion and permitting a sexual demand without expressly stating it.

In some cases, victims have difficulty proving implied forms of harassment as the perpetrator will try not to leave proof of their behavior. Speaking with an experienced workplace sexual harassment lawyer can help you hold the perpetrator responsible for their unlawful conduct. Our attorneys will examine your case and help you build a legal strategy for pursuing your claim.

Hostile work environment harassment

A hostile environment is when your workplace is so toxic with inappropriate behavior that it makes work intolerable. Constant offensive comments, sexual gestures, sexist comments, and unwanted touching result in an intimidating experience that skews the conditions of employment and makes a hostile workplace unbearable.

Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment

There are often no clear-cut signs of sexual harassment in the workplace. The perpetrator may be someone you trust or even respect. In many cases, victims don’t recognize what’s happening to them until the situation escalates and it’s too late to avoid a confrontation. Looking out for the signs of sexual harassment can help you take adequate steps to navigate illegal harassment.

Sexualized language, jokes, or images

If you’re constantly hearing sexual innuendos or crude jokes from your coworkers, it may signify workplace sexual harassment. These comments can make you feel uncomfortable and humiliated, creating a hostile work environment.

Unwanted physical contact

If you’re being groped, touched, or kissed without your consent, it’s a clear sign of sexual harassment. No one has the right to invade your personal space in this way, and it’s essential to take action if it is happening to you.

Unwelcome requests for sexual activity

If you’re being asked to go on dates or engage in sexual activity, it’s a form of sexual harassment. This type of behavior is usually subtle but can be upsetting and intrusive.

Retaliation for reporting sexual advances

Adverse employment actions are anything an employer does to punish you at work for rejecting a sexual advance; it’s a sign that your employer is overstepping the line and affecting your career prospects and wellbeing. This type of retaliation is illegal, and it’s important to report it to a workplace sexual harassment attorney if HR doesn’t heed your concerns.

Different treatment based on your gender

If you feel like you’re being treated differently at work because of your gender, it’s a sign of workplace sexual discrimination. This can include being passed over for promotions or given less favorable assignments.

Different treatment can also occur to the opposite effect. A supervisor may favor you over coworkers under the expectation that you will repay the preferential treatment with sexual favors. The supervisor may not reveal their intentions until the prospective victim has already accepted a pay raise, promotion, or other benefits.

Uncomfortable feelings

If you generally feel uncomfortable or unsafe at work, it’s possible that you’re being sexually harassed. These feelings can be hard to pin down, but paying attention to them can help you uncover an aggressor’s intentions.

Feeling unsafe

If you feel like you could be physically harmed by your workplace environment, it’s a serious sign of sexual harassment. Feeling unsafe can be disturbing and may be a sign that you are in danger of sexual assault.

If you have any indication that you are not safe at work, you should contact HR or law enforcement immediately. Additionally, getting help from a law firm with experience in dealing with sexual harassment claims can help you avoid backlash in response to your pursuing your legal rights.

Workplace Sexual Assault

With over 40% of sexual assault on women and over 50% of sexual assault on men being perpetrated by acquaintances, it’s important to take all necessary precautions when noticing signs of workplace sexual harassment. Assuming that a boss or coworker will stop their

What to Do if You’re Being Sexually Harassed in the Workplace

Start by looking over your employee handbook and other sexual harassment policy documentation. There may be specific provisions regarding workplace sexual harassment that you can take up with the human resources department. File a complaint in writing so that you have a hard copy of your communication.

If there are any coworkers, friends, or family members you can trust, seek out their help and build a support system. Being able to emotionally cope with the experience is important for your well-being.

Then, contact an experienced sexual harassment lawyer about seeking compensatory damages for your ordeal. An experienced employment attorney can help you recover mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life.

workplace harrasment lawyer

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Workplace sexual harassment can cost you your income source and cause emotional distress that affects your life. It can also lead to sexual assault if the aggressor does not limit themselves to sexual comments, inappropriate jokes, and visual conduct.

At Nessler & Associates, our team of personal injury attorneys has extensive experience dealing with sexual harassment claims. Our lawyers will ensure you recover fair compensation for any medical bills incurred due to harassment or assault and damages for pain and suffering, back pay, and lost wages.

Don’t put up with inappropriate verbal and physical conduct that violates your rights. Workplace sexual harassment is a sensitive issue that requires appropriate handling by knowledgeable legal experts. Contact our law firm today at (800) 727-8010 for a confidential consultation.

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