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Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Illinois

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Illinois

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Slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere. Hazards in and outside of homes, stores, office buildings, and sidewalks can cause you to slip or fall. If you suffer an injury from a slip and fall accident outside someone’s home or in your apartment building, the property owners can be liable for your damages.

A business owner, landlord, or store employee must actively warn visitors of hazardous conditions and adhere to building codes. Failing to do so can leave them open to a compensation claim from an accident victim.

If you’ve been in a slip and fall accident, the personal injury lawyers at Nessler & Associates can help you seek financial recovery from the responsible parties and pursue all necessary legal action, so you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

The Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere on a business’ premises, including inside a building, in the parking lot, or in any other area that belongs to the organization.

This means that many potential accident causes stem from negligent behavior or failing to give people proper warning of unsafe conditions. Indoors, a loose object or wet floor can cause patrons to slip and fall. An icy driveway or snowy external stairwell can contribute to a swift fall and injury that is difficult to guard against.

Other potential accident causes include bunched-up rugs, recently-waxed floors, or broken stairs. Steps without traction strips or other precautions to prevent slipping can lead to life-threatening falls.

Types of Injuries From Slip and Fall Accidents

Private property owners must care for guests and ensure their safety while on site. Inadequate lighting, slippery floors, and icy sidewalks cause patrons to lose their footing and suffer painful injuries.

Slipping and falling on a hard surface can be very dangerous and cause debilitating injuries. This type of accident can lead to painful damage to your knees and ankles, broken bones, or neck injuries.

Banging your head on the floor or on a hard object such as a shelf on your way down can lead to severe head injuries, including brain trauma or kinetic problems. Spinal cord injuries can keep you out of work for months and even cause permanent paralysis.

Soft tissue injuries involve damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. Nerve injuries are caused by stress on the spine, and symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, and speech and memory issues.

It can be hard to gauge the extent of soft tissue injuries immediately after an accident. These injuries may take longer to notice or require additional medical exams like an MRI to diagnose.

Premises Liability Claim

Premises liability law in Illinois holds homeowners, property owners, and business owners legally responsible if damages or an injury happen on their premises. The property manager or owner must provide a duty of care to others, including the safe condition of their stores and outdoor property.

If the accident and injury happened because of their negligence or willful and reckless behavior, you have the right to file a premises liability claim. If the owner, manager, or worker knew of the unsafe condition before your accident happened and didn’t take care to warn others, this is considered negligent behavior.

Proving negligence in premises liability accidents includes these elements:

  • Visual proof from pictures or video where your incident happened. This evidence can show if grocery stores are missing wet floor signs or if an unnatural accumulation of ice develops on a sidewalk and other dangerous conditions.
  • Proving that the slip and fall caused your injuries by photos taken at the scene or through medical documentation.
  • Accounts of the accident from witnesses.
  • The police report from your slip and fall accident.
  • Any statements the residential property owners or commercial property owners or managers made claiming they might be partially responsible for the incident or weren’t providing reasonable care.

Filing a claim is the way to receive financial compensation after your accident. All claimants are eligible for economic compensation, which covers the cost of medical care, lost wages, and any treatments needed in the future.

If you suffer emotionally after your slip and fall accident, you may also be eligible for non-economic damages. This type of compensation helps you recover damages for the pain and suffering you experienced.

Calculating your damages and proving negligence is challenging, and injured parties need to contact a premises liability lawyer to handle their injury claims.

slip and fall accident lawyer

How a Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

A slip and fall lawyer can help you with your premises liability claim or your personal injury lawsuit. The insurance company or the at-fault party you are trying to hold liable for your damages will argue that you played a role in causing your injuries, called comparative negligence.

Proving that your actions contributed to your injuries can lower the compensation you can receive. An experienced attorney will know how to create a strong case and defend against comparative negligence, so you receive maximum compensation.

Your slip and fall lawyer will:

  • Investigate your case: they look into the cause of your incident and determine who the liable party is. Your lawyer will gather evidence through medical and police reports and ask witnesses key questions.
  • File a claim: your claim gets filed with the responsible party’s liability insurance. Your attorney provides their insurance adjuster documentation of your injuries.
  • Help with a lawsuit: If the insurance company doesn’t want to pay your claim or the claim won’t cover the full extent of your damages, your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit. They will guide you through the entire legal process and can represent you in court.

Contact Our Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you or a loved one is injured due to a slip and fall, you can seek compensation against negligent property owners and managers. The personal injury attorneys at Nessler & Associates have been helping injury victims for over 35 years. Our experienced lawyers will help you file a claim or lawsuit following your slip and fall injury to hold property owners accountable.

We’re skilled at handling a broad range of injuries and can help you get the compensation you deserve while going through the physical recovery process after your accident. Call us today at 800-727-8010 for a free initial consultation of your case.

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